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Help in education

If you are deaf or have hearing loss and are a student aged 16 or over, you may get help to cover the cost of any assistive devices or communication support that you need for your studies.  

If you’re in higher education

Higher education is for people aged 18 or over and takes place at colleges and universities. 

If you are deaf or have hearing loss and are on, or are about to begin, a higher education course, contact the disability support service at your university or college to find out what support they can provide. 

If you need more support – for example, equipment and communication support – you may be able to claim Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) to help cover the cost. 

To find out more about DSAs, contact your country’s student finance agency:

If you’re in further education

Further education is for people aged 16 or over and includes A-levels and vocational courses. 

DSAs aren’t available for further education. Instead, colleges and schools should provide what’s needed. Different schools and colleges provide different amounts of support – check with the school or college what’s available.