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Take our free hearing check

Take our free hearing check

Find out how well you’re hearing in just 3 minutes with the RNID online hearing check.

The hearing check will suggest whether your hearing is in a normal range or whether you may have hearing loss.

The online hearing check is not the same as a full hearing test carried out by an audiologist (hearing specialist), but it’s a quick and reliable way to find out if you need one.

What you need

The hearing check works best if you:

  • use headphones or earphones
  • are in a quiet environment
  • have a stable internet connection.

How the hearing check works

The hearing check measures how well you can hear a voice saying 3 randomly generated numbers over background noise. The level of background noise stays the same, but the voice gets quieter as the check continues.

It’s an effective way to check your hearing because many people with hearing loss find it hard to hear speech clearly when there’s background noise.

If the check suggests hearing loss, you’ll need to see an audiologist for a full hearing test. We’ll be here to support you to hear well again.

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