Old name, new purpose: why we’ve gone back to RNID

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Gerry’s volunteering journey

Gerry started volunteering with RNID in 2003. As someone with hearing loss who’d been wearing hearing aids for many years, Gerry felt that by becoming a volunteer he could easily relate to people looking for support.

How engaging in physical activity helps me manage my tinnitus

James Clark, owner of Pyramid Fitness Gym, shares his experience with hearing loss and tinnitus and why he has been involved in Challenge RNID – both as a participant and as a personal coach. We interviewed James to find out how he manages tinnitus and the benefits of physical activity. What has been your experience of hearing loss and tinnitus? My first experiences of recognising difficulties hearing came at an early age. As it became clearer to others around me I...

How ‘Dinner Table Syndrome’ makes deaf people feel socially isolated

Evie explains how the dinner table can lead to social isolation for deaf people and those with hearing loss – and the adjustments hearing people can make for friends and family this Christmas. I was born hearing. I grew up the centre of attention, or at least battling my sister to be centre of attention. I am a very sociable person and love to be around friends and family, chatting, talking and generally putting the world to rights. I started to...

[email protected] on making it as a Deaf SignSong performer

[email protected] is one of the UK’s leading Deaf SignSong performers. Otherwise known as Jayne Fletcher-Brander, the 36-year-old from Wolverhampton explains how music has kept her going "through her darkest days". It wasn’t until senior school that I realised I was deaf I was born prematurely. The nerves in my ears hadn’t developed correctly, which meant I was profoundly deaf. My family were all hearing with no experience of Deaf culture, identity or the language. My parents believed that I would ‘get by’...