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Talking to Dad about his hearing loss

Matilda and John, standing in the garden and smiling Matilda and her father, John, share how their family approached conversations around John's hearing loss, and the great outcomes it led to. If you're unsure how to start this conversation, explore our support page on how to talk about hearing loss with a loved one. Showing the signs Matilda's story For years, my dad, John struggled with hearing issues but was in denial, which at times was more frustrating for us than for...

Edinburgh Deaf Festival 2023

RNID's very own Stacey shares about her time at the second Edinburgh Deaf Festival, (11-20 August 2023), and the community she found there as a deaf person.

Tell your story with RNID

Sharing your story is a brilliant way to help support a community of people who may have similar experiences to you, and to support the charitable impact we can make.

The impact of inclusivity for deaf LGBTQ+ people

Chris Coles is a deaf gay man from Wales. He is a trustee for Deaf Rainbow UK, an organisation that specialises in supporting deaf LGBTQ+ people. This Pride month, Chris celebrates the impact of inclusivity for his community.