Old name, new purpose: why we’ve gone back to RNID

Developing new treatments

Across the UK, 12 million people have hearing loss and around 1 in 8 adults live with tinnitus.

Despite this, there are not yet any clinically approved treatments for those who need and want them. We’re determined to change this, by speeding up the time it takes for ideas to get out of the lab and transform the lives of people with hearing loss and tinnitus.

The RNID Hearing Therapeutics Initiative accelerates the development of new therapeutics to prevent and treat hearing loss and tinnitus by creating partnerships across the hearing research ecosystem.

The Hearing Therapeutics Initiative brings together:

  • a consortium of partner organisations with unique knowledge, expertise and infrastructure in hearing research, drug discovery and development.
  • a global Network of innovators from academia and industry looking for tailored support to help them develop new hearing therapeutics.

Via its virtual research platform, the Hearing Therapeutics Initiative is able to connect innovators with the infrastructure and expertise they need, at every step of the translational pathway.

Are you an innovator or investor active in, or interested in entering the hearing therapeutics space? Are you looking for support with your translational hearing project, or access to the HTI virtual research platform?

Join the Hearing Therapeutics Initiative Network, and e-mail [email protected] to submit an enquiry – we’d love to hear from you.