Old name, new purpose: why we’ve gone back to RNID

Download our Employers’ toolkit

Here’s your toolkit which includes our Employers’ Guide and downloadable resources to help you and your organisation get the skills to help deaf people or people with hearing loss at work.

We’ll also send the toolkit to you by email so that you can keep it on file for future reference. 

Employers’ guide

Our handy guide to supporting people with deafness or hearing loss to thrive in the workplace, from attracting diverse talent to retaining experienced staff.

Download the Employers’ guide

Meeting space posters

Posters to put up in your workplace including “Is this meeting deaf aware?” poster, BSL fingerspelling alphabet and Good workplace communication tips.

Why not stick up the “Is this meeting Deaf Aware?” poster up in a meeting area, or the fingerspelling alphabet in the work kitchen or canteen?

Download the meeting space posters

Employee quotes posters

Two posters featuring the inspiring stories of employees with hearing loss, including a Firefighter and a Prosecutions assistant, who are thriving in the workplace with the help of their employers.

Download the employee quotes posters

Workplace assessment overview

RNID Workplace Assessments are designed to help employees with hearing loss perform at their best. The assessment will recommend equipment, support and adjustments.

Download the workplace assessment overview