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Tips for a deaf aware Christmas

The date to order our Christmas dinner game has now passed but check out our tips on how to be Deaf aware this Christmas.

three family members sitting around the table at Christmas playing the RNID Christmas dinner game.

We asked deaf people and those with hearing loss and tinnitus what friends and family can do to make communication easier at Christmas time, here are their tips.

  1. If the conversation thread changes, flag it up or ask a question to make sure I’ve heard it’s changed.
  2. Don’t speak whilst you are eating, it makes it hard to lip read.
  3. Don’t cover your mouth when speaking, I need to see your mouth to lip read.
  4. Everyone is different, so ask me how you can help with my communication needs.
  5. Face each other when you’re talking. A round table is perfect for this, as everyone can be seen.
  6. Take it in turns to speak.
  7. Learn some basic sign language – there are lots of Christmas signs out there.
  8. Make sure your table is well-lit, seeing people clearly helps me to understand what they are saying.
  9. Keep background noise low as it will help me to lip read and focus on what you are saying.

Download these tips in a poster format

Learn how to sign Merry Christmas

Watch our video and learn how to sign ‘Merry Christmas.’ We’ve included the regional variations across the UK.

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