Old name, new purpose: why we’ve gone back to RNID

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Benefits of volunteering

We really value people who donate their time to help others. We’re here to support you, and make sure your time volunteering is worthwhile and enjoyable.

When you volunteer, you can:

Meet new people

When you volunteer, you’ll meet new people from different backgrounds and be part of a supportive community. Our volunteers can stay connected with each other by joining our local Facebook groups, which are exclusive to our registered volunteers.

Gain new skills and experience

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to learn about teamwork, communication and taking initiative. These are valuable skills you can use in any workplace or team setting.

Improve your CV

Volunteering shows your motivation and commitment. This helps your CV stand out when you apply for jobs.

Get learning and development opportunities

We offer volunteers the chance to join an accredited course called ‘Understanding Hearing Loss’ from the Open College Network (OCN). There are also other courses and learning opportunities that might be relevant to your role.

Do something you love

You can choose a volunteer opportunity that suits your interests. Doing things we enjoy can give us a sense of purpose and help us feel more fulfilled and motivated.

Try something new

Volunteering is a great way to try something you’ve always wanted to do. You might like to do something totally different.

Build your confidence

Doing something useful and productive with your free time is a great confidence booster: 71% of our volunteers say that volunteering with us has increased their personal confidence.

Stay active and healthy

Volunteering has a positive effect on our mental health and can help with stress, anxiety and depression: 76% of our volunteers feel volunteering improves their wellbeing.

Help people in your community

You can help us make a real difference to people in your community by sharing your skills, experience, energy and enthusiasm.

80% of our volunteers have recently told us they are motivated to continue volunteering by knowing their time makes a difference to people who are D/deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus. 87% of our volunteers have an increased feeling of contributing to their local community.

Help us change the future

We’re very ambitious about shaping a better future for the 12 million people who are D/deaf or have hearing loss or tinnitus in the UK. We couldn’t do it without the support of our volunteers, so if it’s something you’re passionate about, apply for a role today!

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