Old name, new purpose: why we’ve gone back to RNID

Help make shops deaf aware

Take action today to raise the need for deaf awareness in retail spaces.

Our Access for All in Retail campaign is working to challenge the poor deaf awareness that we experience too often in shops, particularly in light of new barriers created by face coverings, physical partitions and social distancing.

In the first phase of our campaign, we used our collective voice to tell the biggest chains to make their retail spaces deaf aware. We received positive responses from retailers, but we need staff on the shop floor to be deaf aware, as well as those in head office.

Get involved

Whether you spread the word through social media or in store, we need your help to show retailers how they can improve accessibility and why this is so important.

Pin up a poster 

We’ve created a poster with five simple steps we can all take to make shopping accessible for people who are deaf and those with hearing loss.  

If you think staff and customers in your local shops need to be more deaf aware, print our poster and pin it up on community boards in your local shops, to get the message straight to the shop floor. 

Download the poster in English 

Download the poster in Welsh 

Spread the message on social media

If you’ve had a bad in-store experience, social media can be a great tool to highlight the problems with the store you visited. Tweeting your story will give visibility to the campaign and will often encourage chains to publicly respond and take action on your complaint.

It’s not essential, but including a photo of yourself outside the shop could help to grab the shop’s attention too.

If you tweet about your experience, it would be great if you could:

  • tag the chain you visited
  • mention which branch you visited
  • explain the problem you had
  • finish with the line: “I’m asking this store to follow simple communication tips from @RNID to #BeDeafAware.”

Example Tweet:

“Really disappointed that @XXXX don’t have a working hearing loop in their xxxx xxxxxx store, which makes it hard for me to communicate with staff.

I’m asking this store to follow simple communication tips from @RNID to #BeDeafAware.”

Share your experience on Twitter

Create your digital communication card 

Although there are things we can all do to improve accessibility in retail, we also recognise that everyone’s personal communication needs are unique. That’s why we’ve launched a personalised communication card you can use to let people know about your unique needs when you go shopping. 

Create your communication card

If you have taken action to support this campaign and want to share your feedback or tell us more about your experience, please email [email protected].

Find out more about our Access for All in Retail campaign