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Hearing and dementia research: the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership launches their second survey

Illustration of a woman wearing goggles and holding a test tube, and a man wearing a face mask and looking into a microscope. Both are wearing white lab coats.

The James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) is launching their second survey to understand the hearing and dementia research priorities of people who are deaf, or have hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis or vestibular disorders.

An enormous thank you to everyone who took part in their first survey. The PSP are now looking for respondents for their second survey, closing end of July 2024. It is also available in BSL.  

What the PSP are hoping to understand from the new survey

Researchers working in this field have recognised for some time that hearing loss and dementia can occur together and have an impact on each other, but further research is needed for them to understand how. 

In the previous survey, over 400 people submitted questions about dementia and hearing conditions that they would like future research to address. These included people living with dementia, people with hearing conditions, members of the Deaf community, and their supporters/relatives, clinicians and social care professionals. The questions they submitted cover diverse topics, including risk reduction, diagnosis, treatment and mechanisms.

The new PSP survey would like you to pick your top 10 questions for future research about dementia and hearing conditions.

Through these two surveys and a final workshop, the PSP wants to learn about your priorities for future studies about these conditions to ensure that research is shaped by those it will impact: people living with these conditions and their health professionals.

Read our previous blog post to see more details about the James Lind Alliance and who is running this research.

Who should complete the survey 

  • People living with hearing conditions (e.g., hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis, balance disorders)  
  • People from the Deaf community (e.g., sign language users)  
  • People living with memory conditions (e.g., mild cognitive impairment, dementia)  
  • Supporters (e.g., family, close friends) of people living with hearing or memory conditions  
  • Health professionals (e.g., audiologists, nurses)  
  • Social care professionals (e.g., support workers, home help, care home staff)  
  • The general public 

What happens next? 

This survey will identify the most important questions collected in the 1st survey. This shortlist will then be taken forward to a final workshop in September 2024, where the direction of future research in this field will be decided. 

Complete the survey 

If you would like to share your views on the direction of future research into hearing and dementia, please complete the below survey by the end of July 2024. 

If you would like the survey in a different format, please email the University of Nottingham at [email protected]. You can further support this research by sharing the survey with others. 

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