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RNID Christmas Dinner Game

The Christmas Dinner Game

This Christmas, let’s make sure no one is left out.

People who are deaf or have hearing loss face barriers in almost every part of daily life. Train announcements. Job interviews. Even around the Christmas dinner table.

We’ve created a game to help break those barriers down.

The RNID Christmas Dinner Game

Do you have family or friends that struggle with hearing loss? Perhaps you are the one who often feels left out of conversations? 

RNID’s Christmas Dinner Game was created to ensure that everyone at your dinner table this Christmas can have fun together, while being deaf aware to make sure that everybody feels included (and no-one misses that joke you’ve been practising!).  

The game, which you will receive in the post, includes everything you need to have a festive, fun filled dinner – including the chance to learn a bit of British Sign Language (BSL)! 

Family favourites with a deaf aware twist

Your Christmas Dinner Game will include four firm family favourite card game packs, each with a deaf aware twist:

  1. Read my Lips: Players form teams of 2. 1 player mouths the festive phrase on their card to their partner who has to guess correctly what they are trying to say.  
  2. Charades: Players take turns to act out Christmas-themed phrases, the first to guess correctly wins. 
  3. Do you see what I see? Players take turns to draw a picture that represents what’s on their cards – first correct guess wins!  
  4. Sign It! Use your BSL finger spelling cheat sheet to spell out Christmas phrases, your partner has to guess as many as they can in one minute!  

Get your Christmas Dinner Game pack now

Get cracking!

“It was for my husband who is hard of hearing. He felt included and our friends learned how to include him which has now become a part of our time together with them. Very, very valuable.”

A player of last year’s RNID Christmas Dinner Game

Support our work

In return for your game, we’re asking for a suggested donation of £10 to help break down the invisible barriers that affect 1 in 5 of us in the UK.

Your kind donation will support: 

  • funding vital research projects to improve technology and find treatments for those who want them 
  • services like our free online hearing check, which so far has helped more than 300,000 people take the first step to looking after their hearing health 
  • supporting us to campaign together for a more inclusive society, from calling for more subtitles and signing, to making sure you can get ear wax removal on the NHS. 

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Page last updated: 22 November 2023