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Your results suggest you have hearing loss

Your results suggest you have hearing loss

The next step is to get your hearing tested by an audiologist (hearing specialist).

Thanks for taking the RNID online hearing check.

The hearing check is a reliable way to check if your hearing is in a normal range or not, but only a full hearing test can provide exact results and diagnose hearing loss.

Next step: Get a full hearing test

You have 2 options for getting a full hearing test:

  1. Your GP can refer you to an NHS audiology service.
  2. You can go directly to a private hearing care provider.

If your hearing test shows that you do have hearing loss, the audiologist will explain what type and level of hearing loss you have. They’ll also chat to you about what treatments, including hearing aids, are available.

Hearing tests and any treatments you need, including high-quality hearing aids, are free through the NHS.

Many private hearing care providers offer free hearing tests, but you’ll need to pay for any hearing aids you need if you stay with a private provider.

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At RNID, we offer free information and support to the 12 million people living with hearing loss in the UK.

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  • next steps if you’re diagnosed with hearing loss.

Get your hearing check certificate

If you’d like an NHS hearing test, download a certificate of your hearing check result to share with your GP. It includes guidance for your GP, and sharing it during your appointment might make it easier for you to get a referral to an audiology service.

If your GP appointment is over the phone or by video call, ask the surgery if there’s a way you can share the certificate with your GP by email, or through the NHS app.

Download your hearing check certificate (PDF, 332KB)

Contact RNID

If you have any questions or need more information, you can contact us. We’re here to help.