Old name, new purpose: why we’ve gone back to RNID

Market intelligence

We provide expert advice to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical-device companies on the current status of, and opportunities in, the hearing loss and tinnitus therapy areas.

Our advice covers:

  • current status of hearing loss and tinnitus R&D – small molecule, cell-based and biologic approaches; drugs in development to treat hearing loss and tinnitus
  • subtypes of acquired hearing loss: age related hearing loss, noise-induced hearing loss, ototoxicity
  • subtypes of genetic hearing loss
  • insight into targets and mechanistic pathways of therapeutic interest
  • market size.

Market reports

RNID is working alongside Globe Life Sciences to produce market reports on tinnitus and age-related hearing loss to provide you with up-to-date information about these emerging therapeutic markets.

‘Hearing Disorders – Tinnitus: An Attractive But Untapped Opportunity’

The new report from Globe Life Sciences identifies tinnitus to be an attractive but under-recognised commercial opportunity for pharmacotherapies to target.

The full report provides a detailed assessment of the attractiveness of the tinnitus market as a commercial opportunity for pharmacotherapies to target, and identifies the key risks and opportunities associated with this indication. The methodology involved desk research utilising a broad range of secondary sources, combined with interviews with 10 key opinion leading clinicians (KOLs) across the US and Europe.

For more information on the tinnitus market report and how to purchase it, please consult the report brochure.

To receive a 20% discount code, please email trih@rnid.org.uk

Globe Life Sciences is currently preparing an age-related hearing loss market report – we will provide more information on this page when the report is available.

Companies developing treatments for inner ear disorders and tinnitus

For a list of companies working in the field of therapeutics for inner ear and central hearing disorders, their therapeutics approaches, indications, products, mechanisms of action and phases of development, please consult the table below:

Download the table