Old name, new purpose: why we’ve gone back to RNID

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Help us end loneliness for people like June this Christmas

Help us end loneliness this Christmas

Please give a gift of hope to people like June who will struggle with hearing loss this Christmas

Christmas is a nightmare time of year for June – all because of her hearing loss.

“Christmas is a magical time for children. I have four lovely grandchildren – but, sadly, I struggle to hear what any of them say to me. It upsets me most at Christmas time.

In gatherings of more than three or four people, I find it really difficult to hear. It’s utterly frustrating and exhausting.

My hearing loss makes me feel isolated and alone. And, this year, coronavirus has made things worse than ever.

Being able to join in with the excitement of my grandchildren on Christmas morning would mean so much to me. I know there are many others who feel the same.

If you can, please make a very special Christmas gift to help make essential research and services possible – and give people like me hope for a better future.”

How your donation will make a difference

Dr Dan Jagger pictured at home
“Our work wouldn’t be possible without the essential support we get from people who donate to RNID.” Dr Dan Jagger.

One of exciting projects we’re funding is led by Dr Dan Jagger at University College London.

The aim of Dr Jagger’s project is to find new ways to manipulate the blood flow within key tissues of the inner ear, using drugs or genetic therapies. This is important because interruptions of the blood supply may sometimes be the cause of sudden hearing loss.

If the research is successful, it could lead to new treatments that will transform the lives of thousands of people with hearing loss.

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Please give a gift today and help bring the next life-changing breakthrough one step closer.
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