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Christmas dinner game

Get your Christmas dinner party game

Take part in festive fun and become more deaf aware.

How the game works

We’ve designed a Christmas dinner party game for families, friends or colleagues that’s inclusive of people with hearing loss and lots of fun.

You can play the game in person, or over video chat if you can’t get together.

One in 5 of us in the UK has hearing loss. So it’s likely that someone at your dinner table could find it difficult to follow the conversation, especially if it’s loud and several people are talking at once. It’s impossible to lipread more than one person at a time, and trying to keep up can be really draining.

The game draws attention to these challenges. It encourages everyone at the dinner table to be mindful of how they communicate with others – all while having some festive fun.

Inside your game pack

Your game pack includes:

  • rules of the game
  • game cards
  • place cards with conversation starters to break the ice.

The Christmas dinner game consists of cards for four separate rounds:

  1. Deaf aware dinner time: Everyone is encouraged to be deaf aware.
  2. Do you see what I see? Players try to guess what their team mates are drawing through touch alone.
  3. Read my lips: Players try to guess what their fellow dinner guests are saying by reading their lips.
  4. Charades: An old family favourite made deaf aware.

Example cards

How to order

To order your game pack, fill in our online form and make a donation. All donations help us make life fully inclusive for deaf people and those with hearing loss or tinnitus.
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