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What to do if you need new hearing aid batteries or tubing during the coronavirus outbreak

If you need new hearing aid batteries or tubing, you may be able to get these from your hearing aid provider.

Postal service from your provider

Most NHS audiology departments and private clinics have a postal service for hearing aid batteries and tubing.

You should contact your hearing aid provider to find out more about this service. If you have trouble contacting your provider, you can contact our Information Line by phone, SMS or email. We can help you find information about who to contact.

You can also buy batteries, tubing and other hearing aid accessories online, from supermarkets and some high street hearing aid providers.

Do not leave your home to visit your hearing aid provider unless your audiologist tells you to.

Changing the batteries and tubing

If you’re not used to changing the batteries or tubing in your hearing aids yourself, it might seem a bit fiddly at first.

You might want to try this yourself, or you might prefer to have someone in your family or a carer help you.

How to change the battery

You can watch videos that show how to change batteries in your hearing aids.

If someone is helping you, it will be useful to send them the link so they can watch it too.

Remember to switch your hearing aids off when you take them out. This will help to save the battery and prevent the hearing aid from whistling.

How to change the tubing

The tubing in your hearing aid should normally need changing every 4 to 6 months. If your hearing aid is currently working well and the tubing is not broken, there should be no need to change it right now.

If your tubing is broken and needs changing, we have a leaflet that shows how to change the tubing in your hearing aids.

If someone is helping you with this, it will be useful to send them the link.

If you, or someone helping you, is not confident with changing the tubing you should contact your hearing aid provider. They may be offering a postal repair service.