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Help make sure people like Kate don’t feel left out this Christmas

Kate has purple hear and is wearing Christmas reindeer antlers on her head.

Let’s make sure no-one feels left out this Christmas

Please give a gift of hope to people like Kate who will struggle with hearing loss this Christmas
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Christmas is a difficult time of year for Kate – all because of her hearing loss.

“Noisy parties still fill me with dread! The party games of ‘Guess what is being said,’ ‘How many words did I guess right?’ and ‘What was the joke‘ are familiar nightmares. I expect, like me, many of you have experienced this at Christmas, whether at big family gatherings or at the office.

Christmas still holds magic for me, but it has changed from before I had measles and lost my hearing.

By supporting RNID, you can give people like me with hearing loss confidence to be part of society and live a fulfilled life.”

How your donation will make a difference

Donate today and you can help support hearing loss research and life-changing services, so that no-one feels left out this Christmas.

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Please give a gift today and you could help fund ground breaking research and life-changing services for deaf people, or those with hearing loss and tinnitus.
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Page last updated: 21 September 2022