Old name, new purpose: why we’ve gone back to RNID

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Ken’s story

Ken leads the Belfast Fundraising Volunteer group. The team have raised more than £3000 for Action on Hearing Loss in 2019, and have lots planned for the New Year.

Who are the Fundraising Volunteer Group?

There are five of us in the team at the moment and hopefully soon there will be two more. I’m a great believer in team, we work together and that’s what it’s all about. Our members are Paul Stewart, Larry Kelly, Heather Kelly and Paul Taylor. I picked people who I knew would be good at the role. They’re committed, they know what they’re doing and they have lots of local contacts.

Have you ever fundraised before?

I’ve been a fundraiser for 30 years. I used to work for RNID (now Action on Hearing Loss) and I’ve volunteered for other organisations such as Action Deaf Youth, Ulster Deaf Sports Council, D’Sign the Deaf Drama and Irish Deaf Sports Association. We raised £47,000 in three years, which was the most I’ve ever raised.

What do you do as a fundraising volunteer?

I’ll do anything, except parachute jump! I’ve organised a lough race, quiz nights, horse races, raffles, car boot sales and bag packs. I started volunteering for Action on Hearing Loss in January 2019. Since then we have hosted several collections at various Tesco’s throughout the year, two quiz events and a sign language class. To date we have raised just over £3000 which the committee and I are so proud of.

What events do you have planned in 2020?

We have a horse night planned for January and bag packs planned from January to June. We have another quiz event planned for May next year and I’m hoping to get a signed Northern Ireland football top as a prize – I’m already looking at venues and planning!

Tell us about a successful fundraising event?

Our quiz night in November went really well. We advertised it through deaf Facebook groups and the sign language courses and we had 80 people attend. Paul wrote the quiz, it was very visual as it was for a deaf audience. We had a round where people had to guess the colours on the London tube lines. In a different round there were pictures of beers and everyone had to guess where they were from. We didn’t have to pay for anything as we got the room free and we had some great raffle prizes. People have already asked for another quiz night so we’re planning one for May next year.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy good team work and brilliant communication. Callum is a good manager and very organised so I enjoy working with him and Roz.

What do you enjoy outside volunteering?

I used to be a runner until my knee went. I can’t run now but I enjoy swimming, it’s good for your mental health.

Are you interested in becoming a fundraising volunteer and helping us raise more money for people with deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss? For more information, contact volunteeringni@rnid.org.uk